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The Rotatek printers are designed to combine printing technologies, leveraging the best features of each process: Offset, flexo, letterpress, gravure and screen printing.

Also combine online items of ennoblement as high gloss varnish located stamping: Cold and hot stamping, laminating and application of holograms.

“Set-up” fast. All models can receive automation to:

- Color control, CIP3 / 4, adjust the color curves.

- Automatic recording with real-time correction.

- Scanner Video / Video inspection.

- Reintegration.

Environment. Total absence of “VOC” (volatile organic component), to work with inks 100% solid, UV and EB curable.

Flexibility and easy access are characteristics of rapid exchange formats for shirts or cylinders. Excellent printing and inline finishing are the basics of Rotatek rotating.