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Why the print speed does not vary if we increase the color No. to be printed?

Because the printer performs its work in a single pass and does not maintain contact with the substrate

Because the printer keeps fidelity and repeatability of colors?

-The color simulation is done through the use of color profile created from spectrophotometer

- The TAU330 does not use the densitometer system for measuring the color deviation during production.

The TAU330 uses chiller for cooling?

- The equipment is not water cooled

I can know the amount of ink and time before running the job?

- Yes, the printer has the ink amount in milliliters values before printing and the printing time for the job

Must apply prime the substrate before printing?

- In 95% of substrates there is no need to press. Corona online prepares the substrate seconds before printing

Can I print in pre-cut and esqueletados substrates?

Yes, with the inserter feature you can print with faithful record substrates previously prepared

Can I print metallized substrates in TAU330?

Yes, you can print:

- Coated papers or not

- White Films and / or transparent PP, PE, PVC, BOPP

- Aluminium (foil)

I need to adjust my files in a print area defined (format)?

- No, unlike other printers, there is only setting the print width (330 mm) length is indefinite, ie there is no loss to “GAP’s” of the printer format