Rochester-based TLF Graphics has invested in a Durst Tau LFS 330 UV inkjet digital label press, the first in North America.

28 de November de 2014

Rochester-based TLF Graphics has invested in a Durst Tau LFS 330 UV inkjet digital label press, the first in North America.


Founded in 1980 as a flexographic/screen printing label company, TLF Graphics has evolved into a multimillion dollar company with more than 50,000 sq. feet of overlapping analog and digital print capacity.

An established upstate New York firm that specializes in industrial labels, product decoration and retail signage, TLF Graphics’ new Tau LFS 330 is its first piece of Durst equipment and the first LFS 330 end-to-end system in North America.

Durst’s inkjet system for digital labels and specialty packaging employs state-of-the-art in-line Spartanics laser finishing systems that allow maximum flexibility in finishing and facilitate lean label manufacturing, going from digital file to finished product in a single production step.

TLF Graphics projects significant cost reductions with the Tau LFS 330’s digital workflow. The company estimates that over and above its prime label production, 40 percent of screen print jobs will migrate to the Tau, providing an enormous labor saving and increasing its competitive edge.

TLF Graphics partner Dan Wagner said the company is enthusiastic about its Durst UV inkjet purchase, and expects to place another order in the near future. ‘I can imagine a future when we have multiple Tau LFS 330 presses – and that’s our whole business. They are truly transformational,’ Wagner said.

Bob McJury, vice-president of sales at TLF Graphics, said: ‘When we were exposed to the Tau at Labelexpo Americas 2014, we were blown away. It’s the device for the markets we serve.

‘We were deeply impressed by the image quality and the durability of the image. We’ve tested others, but the Tau’s durability was far beyond anything we had tested. This press will allow us to outpace our competition with its quality, speed and in-line laser finishing system.’

McJury added: ‘Durst didn’t need to sell our company on increased SKUs, personalization, more frequent orders, etc, as we are already committed to the benefits of digital devices.

‘But we believe the HD print mode and Spartanics laser finishing are real game changers from a technology and cost-reduction standpoint. The 1,000-watt Spartanics laser system, we feel, is the best on the market today.

‘We were also attracted by the fact that we don’t have to use coated materials, there are no frame size limitations, and this press has the ability to print up to 190in long. The press’s speed and ability to react – and do so competitively – is remarkable.’

Richard Thomas, Durst US business development manager for label and specialty packaging systems, said: ‘Durst is excited to partner with an industry-leading company that is as well respected as TLF Graphics.

‘TLF Graphics has a long successful history of creating and managing brilliant print products. Its acquisition of the Tau LFS 330 exemplifies TLF Graphics’ commitment to making incredible print products and offering advanced printing solutions to their customers.’


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