Rotatek Brasil and the Compromise to Sustainability

28 de November de 2014

Rotatek Brasil and the Compromise to Sustainability

Rotatek Brasil, operating since 1985, cares about social issues like the environment. Proudly declared socially responsible and sustainable, Rotatek Brasil has micro environmental and macro environmental actions to be seen as a green company.

Located in Alphaville – São Paulo, Brazil, Rotatek has many green areas in their structure. In strategic places, easily accessible to all employees, baskets of recyclable waste. In addition, internal campaigns such as control over the excessive use of paper for printing and food waste.

All your industrial waste such as machine oils, are stored on pallets of waste collectors. After used, the oil is collected for proper recycling. This also occurs with rags and gloves that are exposed to this material, receiving adequate treatment for their recycling.

Concern with the environment, Rotatek Brasil has in their products the total absence of “VOC” (Volatile Organic Component), by working with 100% solid inks, UV and EB curable. VOC’s are organic compounds that have a high vapor pressure under normal conditions to the point of vaporize and enter in the atmosphere.

Rotatek Brasil has this compromise to the market and the environment. One of our main values that we want to extend this culture, always bringing benefits to the environment and future generations.

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